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situation. good evening i'm dan ashley. missed signal. blown opportunities. and scathing report. this newly released report says the dugard
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case constitutes more than 2 decades of failures by 3 separate governmental entity that was supposed to supervisor this man. philip garrido. john paulson is in the newsroom with details. >> the report is extraordinary. the chief u.s. district june in the bay area listing numerous ways that federal paroleg did what they were supposed to, j.c. be might have been rescued sooner. next month will mark 2 full years of freedom for j.c. dugard. she and her mother will never forget the phone call that came at the end of 18 years of captivity. >> i remember you shouting. we found her. my daughter. and i was crying. when you cray you can't speak. oh. i just said come quick. i remember saying come quick. >> and i remember tell you i'm come baby i'm coming. and the
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rest is a blur. >> yes. >> now two days before her exclusive abc news television appearance the chief u.s. district judge in san francisco has rae lessed a confidential 45 page report detailing how federal parole officers repeatedly botched the supervision of dugard kidnapper philip garrido. he had been on federal parole from 1988 to 1999. during which time he kidnapped young dugard from lake tahoe. judge james ware said even though he was a high risk sex offender home contact by federal parole officers were rare. >> normally you can't sue the state or federal government because of immunity. federal tort claim act under certain circumstances the federal government allows you to sue them. >>reporter: report says officers never verified if garrido had registered as sex offender. and failed to notify state and federal authorities about garrido failed drug test. former san francisco prosecutors jim hammer says
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there will be large hurdle if dugard decides to sue the federal government. she already has a 20 million dollar settlement with california because state agent failed to the thoroughly monitor philip georgia reed oychlt i think the federal government didn't drop the ball. they are partly responsible for the girl being held captive so long. >>reporter: we tried to reach the attorney representing j.c. but did not hear back from them. there's 2 year statute of limitation for negligence which would prawm bring expire after august 26, the date that philip and nancy were arrested two years ago. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. thank you john. >> we are hearing from some survivors of that deadly fishing boat incident in the gulf of california. some on board are pinning responsibility on what happened to the captain and crew. this is joyed from the mexican navy of the rescue. some passengers say not only did the crew not help them as the boat was sinking they offered them no life vest. and actually pushed them away from the few small
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boats available. that's the claim from some. story tonight from laura anthony. >> i asked them i said have you called the coast guard. he didn't say anything. he just kept scaring at me. >>reporter: fishing boat survivor says the captain of the eric made no effort to notify authorities or fellow passengers that the boat was sinking in stormy water. hanson had his own flotation device. grabbed an ice chest and dove into the water. >> i started swimming away from the ship and the top edge of the ship started coming down at me and hit the cooler that i was trying to drag out. it didn't rollover like they say it just l had the bow sticking up in the air. within 30 seconds it went straight down out of sight. gone. >>reporter: 15 hours later sunburn and exhausted hanson was pulled from the water by a passing motorboat. other survivors made it to an island and were eventually rescued and given medical treatment as shown in the cell phone image provided to abc 7 by the mexican navy. >> the captain was inept. at
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least to say. he should be prosecuted to an accident. >>reporter: he made it to one of the small boats that was on the eric. >> there was never any warning to us. normal was no may day. we didn't do a beacon. no flare. beacon you throw in the water. gps picks it up immediately. >>reporter: lee also survived. he's worried about those who haven't been found. >> him if they are all good people. >>reporter: barbara's neighbor bruce returned to his walnut creek home late thursday night. >> it's going to be a difficult thing i would imagine. losing friends and not knowing their whereabouts today especially. >>reporter: while survivors recover, several bay area families still wait for word on missing loved ones. >> we have to face the fact that, you know, this outcome may not end up being the way we want. so for us one place that
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we know for a fact hasn't been searched is inside the boat. >>reporter: so far 2200 square miles have been searched. they will be back out there tomorrow. as for how long the search will continue, the coast guard spokesman told me they will take it day by day. this is 7 news. >> dramatic fvl way to leave the scene of a rescue. menu see clinging to the rope here are trained rescuers called to help a teenager who slipped down the cliff while hiking with friend. teenager is okay. officials say he was taken to a nearby kaiser medical facility to be treated for minor injuries. this happened tonight in marin count and rescuers say they were just getting a lift back to the beach it happened red rock beach late this afternoon early this evening. >> now to the latest in a story that we first reported last night. small plane crash in watsonville. we learn today that 4 members of a santa cruz family died in that crash. there's a photo of the family
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taken couple years ago. david and his wife deand 2 sons luke and ryan. more now from lisa who is live in watsonville. everybody who knows this family just absolutely devastated. >>reporter: that is very true. the plane crashed in the medical office building behind me yesterday at around 7:30 p.m. today ntsb investigators were here whale family and friends mourned. hears some shots taken a little while ago. little boy who brought flowers here tonight. he was in the boy scouts with luke and ryan. the boys and parents died instantly after the moon am 20 f skidded across with the sonville community hospital parking lot and then slammed into the building. it happened soon after take off. the family of 4 was heading to grossville, california near yosemite to meet up with rest of the family when the plane crashed. >> looking at all the component that are associated with the aircraft making sure they are
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all here. if they are not here why they are not here. things like the weather. things like air traffic control. >> bad enough to see one of them get injured let alone die. let alone have the whole family down in one shot like this. >> david and deowned a scuba and environmental clean up company in santa cruz. they have flown with their sons several times on cross country trips and to mexico. back here live now the ntsb says it will rae lease a preliminary report in the next 10 days. but it could take up to a year for the final findings to be published. live in watsonville, l abc 7 news. all right lisa thank you. >> major league baseball said today it is shocked and sad about the death of fan at last tonight a's rangers game. and pledge to continue to ensure safe environment at big league ballpark around the country. shannon stone was reaching to grab a ball thrown to him by ranger outfielder josh hamilton when he tumbled over a railing
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and fell 20 feet open to the create below. it happened right in front of his 6-year-old son. 39-year-old firefighters died at the hospital short time later. the ranger have placed a tarp over the area where he fell. >> we are doing it out of respect to the family so there would be the be tl pictures taken of that area and we don't have a long range strategy on if anything is going to be done there at this point in time. >> stone and his son had again to the game hoping to catch a foul ball. they had even stopped to buy a new glove on the way to the game. >> the seats were in the left field stands just shouting distance from the favorite player, american league mvp josh hamilton. tonight hamilton is speaking about what will happened at that game. sports anchor collin is here with that story. unbelievable. >> you see it dozens of times
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per game. players and coaches tossing baseball that the stands souvenir. this sort of tragedy would mess with anyone head let alone with the past of josh hamilton. he isn't just any other player. you mention he's the al mvp. he's also a recovering drug addict. enter view before tonight's game with the a's hamilton told reporters what he did after shannon stone fell from the stands. >> went over to the side and asked how he was. they said he has a couple hurt arm and head but he was talking asking about his son so immediately i thought he was going to be. pl but then found out after the game that he had passed on so just a shock. i can't immanuel how l stone family is feeling. my heart and my sympathy and my prayers go out to them. >>reporter: later in sports hamilton explains why he decided to throw a ball to the stone. it was no coincidence
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which from hamilton perspective makes this that much harder i would think to comprehend. >> can't blame him. freak accident. what a horrible thing. thank you very much. see you later on with more. >> much more to bring you here this friday night. coming up. at least 40 percent of all teenagers are victims of it and new state law that says perpetrator can now be punishe punished. >> plus the life legacy of betty. >> and major change in the military today. fichlt i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. long awaited cooling trend is here.i'll show you how low our temperatures will go in my forecast coming up. >> 2, 1, zero, lift off. >> for the final time, the shuttle makes history. bay area people who worked on the program and what nasa plans to do now. stay with us. news at program and what nasa plans to do now. stay with us. news at finance:00 continues /
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>> former first lady betty ford died at the age of 93. soccer mom to 4 children. professional dancer. congressional wife and mold. but it was her work on addiction and candor about breast cancer that shaped her legacy. president obama says her courage and compassion was inspiration to millions. here's ann. he once said he was indebted to no man. only one woman his wife betty ford. as first lady she combine grace with candor. candor that was tested just months after she moved into the white house when doctors discovered she had breast cancer. and performed mastectomy her frank discussion
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is credited. >> women no longer are ashamed of having surgery. they talk about it. and i think this has made great progress and i feel in i have saved many lives. >>reporter: she grew up in michigan. betty bloomer as known then dreamed of become ago dancer. but in 1948 she married gerry her second marriage. he was elected to congress. moved to washington and had 4 children. when he became vice president and then president betty ford became an advocate for women's rights. after leaving the white house the former first lady shocked the nation by checking herself into a treatment facility to battle a long addiction to pain pills and alcohol. soon after she founded the betty ford center in california desert. and became a tireless advocate for those struggling with substance abuse. >> today i am a very grateful
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recovering alcoholic. and i know firsthand the that treatment does work. >> the center is betty ford's greatest legacy. tl she was honored by 3 former first ladies on its 20th anniversary. >> betty ford. >>reporter: and honored by the nation with a presidential medal of freedom. she had a quiet dignity on display even during the most difficult time, the passing of her husband in 2006. while the country mourned the president, she mourned her true love and partner of 58 years. looking back on her life betty ford once said it has been a great trip. abc news washington. >> pl bay area roingt another soldier in the line of duty. sergeant nick amber the fourth of san jose died in afghanista afghanistan. sergeant was
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killed by a rocket propelled grenade on tuesday. his father told us that he died defending his men. he was married with two young sons. amber was career soldier. he joined the military when just 20. sergeant amber was 36 years ol old. he leaves behind a wife and 2 young i sons. >> meanwhile pentagon announced today it will immediately start accepting applications from openly gay recruit and will stop enforcing the don't ask don't tell policy. today moratorium follow as ruling wednesday by the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco ordering the defense department to stop enforcing that law. court said that prohibiting openly gay troops is unconstitutional because it treats gay americans differently. >> and new state law says electronic cyberbullying will not be tolerated. cyberbullying prevention bill allows school officials to suspend students who post abusive message on social networking site. prior to this state anti-bullying law didn't expressly include those kinds
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of messages. bill author san jose assembly woman campos says cyberbullying can lead to depression and suicide and hopes this law will prevent those tragedies. recent statistics by the way show that 43 percent, 43 percent of children have experienced signer bullying. >> move to spencer. weekend is upon us and looks quite nice but different the last couple days. >> we started cooling down finally. talking about it all we can long and cooling has arrived and is going to get whole lot cooler. live view from the high definition roof top camera. we look back at the transamerica building and other buildings in downtown san francisco. you can see that we have some low clouds in the sk sky. near the coast here out over the bay but mainly clear inland. l this afternoon we had fog clinging to the coast line but sunny skies inland. high pressure did manage to get back into the mid 90's in some inland location today. mid 90's in the inland east bay. mid 90's down at morgan hill
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and 90 degrees even up at clover dale. 67 was the high in san francisco and 61 half moon bay. right now much cooler conditions than we have been seeing at this hour earlier in the week. 78 greets in antioch. 70 at livermore. 50's mainly around the bay although 73 at redwood city. these are the highlights. see foggy conditions on the coast and over the bay tonight. cooler area wide tomorrow and temperatures bottom out midweek next week. overnight tonight. it's mild again but we won't see low up in the 60's as we have seen in some inland east bay locations this week. mainly mid upper 50's but again still pretty mild overnight. now satellite image water vapor satellite image jet stream dipping south ward a little bit of a trough developing so our cooler pattern is developing now and is going to intensify over the next several days. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see some fog having pushed across the bay but burn back quickly to the coast line and we have that nice on shore breeze cooling sea breeze so
9:20 pm
high pressure tomorrow on the coast will be mainly in the upper 50's, 60's generally around the bay and only 80's in the warmest inland location. no 90's likely tomorrow. maybe 1 or 2 in the far north but not in the central part of our viewing area. south bay high mainly in the upper 70's to mid 80's tomorrow. 83 campbell. 85 at los gatos. peninsula we see 72 degrees. san mateo 75. redwood city 77 down at mountain view and only upper 50's on the coast. 57 at pacifica. 59 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 63. 58 in the sun set district. north bay high will range from 75 at san rafael to 79 at sonoma. 84 calistoga. 90 at clear lake. 92 in ukiah a-2 location near 90 tomorrow and east bay 68 at oakland. 71 san leandro. 74 in castro valley. inland east bay high in the 80's. 82 at dublin. 84 concord danville. yaiv at pittsburgh and near monterey bay high of 67 in watsonville. 71 santa cruz and then warmer
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inland. gilroy 84. morgan hill 86. accu-weather 7 day forecast it will just keep on cooling down midweek next week. by wednesday thursday inland high will reach only into the mid upper 70's. upper 60's around the bay and upper 50's on the coast then at the end of the week around friday we start to warm-up just a tad, graduate warm-up as it's a graduate cool down. >> awfully comfortable. >> looks pretty good. >> thanks very much gentleman more to come tonight. space shuttle atlanta advertise is on its which to the international space station. >> and on its which to history. tonight the empty space in the heart of many bay area residents. >> also tonight. working the cat walk on new bay bridge. explain what the steeply angled ramp the orange things you are looking at are used for. l. >> and one of san francisco most popular play grounds is back open for business. stay with us. news at 9:00 back open for business. stay with us. news at 9:00 continue
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>> lift off. final lift off of atlantis. >>reporter: atlantis blasting off this morning at cape canaveral. launch of our nasa 135th and final shuttle mission. 4 person crew on 12 day trip to restock the international space station with spare parts and provision provisions. nearly 1 million people were on hand to witness the launch in person in florida today. tl to feel connected with the program this is certainly a bitter sweet mission. pride of course accomplishment but also some sadness. wayne reports from nasa pl in mountain view. >>reporter: when the shuttle lifted off safely this morning it was most literally the
9:25 pm
beginning of the end. [applause] this may have been the next best place to watch among friends in space freak. >> i think it's arguably the last time that i may see an american l fly into space sponsored by the u.s. government. >>reporter: if you kept count there have been 135 shuttle missions since the first in 1981. here jack boyd knew the number. he came hear in 1947. put men m space with every program since mercury. >> there is going to be risk in anything you do that is worth doing. so we have to accept a certain risk. >>reporter: but the shuttle felt different. during the life time they cost twice as much money as predicted. 2 disaster cost 14 lives and yet one legacy of the orbiter is during the 30 years our perception of space flight changed from miraculous to almost mundane. even though it
9:26 pm
never was. when will you breathe your last sigh of relichlt when the shuttle is on the ground. >>reporter: frank runs the wind tunnel at nasa aims. when engineers learned how foam damaged the heat pile on one flight this is the man who took a model into the tunnel who made a potentially life or death call. >> within 24 hours we brought sample of the tile here from florida, prepared for the test. ran it test conditions that the shuttle would encounter and atmospheric entry and certified that it would survive. >>reporter: it was like that but not here not after 135 missions. 21,000 orbits and 500 37 million miles traveled and still counting. from nasa aims in mountain view, 7 news. >> and nasa aims will escape the job cut hitting other nasa
9:27 pm
centers because of the end of the shuttle program. it estimates that 9,000 jobs will be lost in all. nasa says for the next few years it will leave the business of flying rocket to private companies. meanwhile it will turn its next to sending human to asteroid by 2025. abc 7 continues tonight. british scandal reaches no. 10 downing street. >> right and proper to establish a full public inquirey to get to the bottom of what happened. >> british prime minister and high profile arrest and growing scan scandal over tabloid newspaper. >> we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. >>reporter: president obama and today's dismal unemployment report. washington tries to find reasons for the bleak numbers, one bay area businessman says the solution is easy. >> also tonight. company behind the largest oil spill in u.s. history and what it wants to do now with payment to
9:28 pm
victims. another half hour of to do now with payment to victims. another half hour of news begins if just a moment 
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about. >> good evening once again. i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. start this half hour with the new jobs report out today that was even worse than expected. america unemployment rate rose to 9 percent, 9.2% in june as hiring slowed significantly. players added only 18,000 jobs. far fewer thanñr 100,000 plus jobs that analyst were expecting to be created in the month of jun june. as mark matthews explains it was a tough day certainl house. >>reporter: president came of the white house and walked
9:31 pm
through a lawn ci list of republicans for the poor job showing. >> problems in greece. in europe along with uncertainty over whether debt limit here in the united states will be raised l have also made businesses hesitant and that's more aggressive. >>reporter: congressional republican say it's lower tax that is lead to more employmen employment. >> now it just disnot make sense for americans to suffer under higher taxes in an economy like this. >>reporter: while congressional democrat say it's the government that should step in. fichlt day 1 yaiv of republican majority in the congress and we still have not seen one job bill come to the floor. >>reporter: for the owner of bay area construction company it's pretty straight forward. >> signing a contract an getting a job. >>reporter: he says if boils down to this. hire somebody. cap he make it pay fichlt we can get a job and make some money, yes. that's how it works. >>reporter: but he adds it is
9:32 pm
true that uncertainty has had an impact on his business. people don't spend money on their houses when they are feeling uncertain about their finances. >> some of them simply say i have to go to the least expensive offer as opposed to the best work and that's a painful reality for me. >>reporter: at oakland job center unemployed matthew is looking for teaching job. >> he says it's pretty mostly clear to him unemployment numbers add up to trouble for the obama administration. >> most definitely because it's affecting me. affecting all my friends so that's definitely something i'm going to look at. >>reporter: serious political trouble for the president reelection. fichlt have to bear in mind it's not the job numbers now but the job numbers a year from now that are going to make a difference. >>reporter: professor cane says double digit unemployment number next summer would be real trouble for the obama administration. but more than the number is a direction that
9:33 pm
it is headed. trending up or trending down that's when the number will count. in the newsroom, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> over seas next. shock wave from the scandal that rattled rupert murdoch media empire. they reach british government today. top aide to british prime minister david cameron arrested and former editor of the british tabloid arrested as well. he at least knows the drill by now. goodman was jailed for 4 month ins 2007 for phone hacking. jeffrey kaufman on the scandal that continues to grow. >> if when andy was editor of the news of the world the paper he ran destroyed people's live lives. before arrested this morning facing charges of perjury. bribing police. hacking people's phones. in search of a scoop and colonel son is uncomfortably spokesman of david cameron who today
9:34 pm
scrambled to distance himself. >> press frame does not mean that the press should be above the law. >>reporter: but the news of the world if would be the famous and powerful in britain fear and loathe the tabloid for years. case in point. remember when sarah ferguson was caught selling access to prince andrew. >> 70 and this headline. prince harry angered his girlfriend by visiting a strip club. how did the paper know? they eaves dropped on the prince voice mail. >> you have to get the story at all cost. you go and do anything. >>reporter: even breaking the law. >> absolutely breaking the law. >>reporter: at least symbolically here in britain it is the quaen the prime minister report to. scandal suppressed so long is revealing that murdoch is the one who has really had their ear. every prime minister here for the last 30 years has needed endorsement of murdoch and
9:35 pm
media empire to win elections. >> i think it is reason for any of us to observe that the murdoch corporation has too much power. >>reporter: outside the news of the world offices today some celebrated the paper downfall. criminal investigation under way many more could go down with it. jeffrey kaufman, abc news london. by the way, rupert murdoch news corps shut down news of the world in the hope of saving his 19 billion dollar deal to take over british sky broadcas broadcasting. but the british government signal today the deal will be delayed because of this crisis. >> meanwhile royal welcome in los angeles this evening for prince william and his new wife kate. they were greeted by governor jerry brown and los angeles mayor l. couple first event late this afternoon technology summit in beverly hills. they plan to spend three days prosecute moteling british business ties and highlighting charitable work. couple just wrapped up a 9 day
9:36 pm
visit to canada. >> well if you have driven the bay bridge lately you probably couldn't help notice a lot of work going on in the new span. what are the orange things hanging off the tower? l transportation reporter hefty ter explains. >>reporter: those 2 red orange strips hanging from the west side of the new bay bridge tower are cat walk. 12 feet wide made of wire mesh. eventually workers will walk on the steeply angled ramp installing the mile long suspension cable that wraps around the new bridge hallmark tower reaching more than 500 feet above sea level. >> 35 degree angle but our workers are skilled and they are trained and they are experienced and know what they are doing. >>reporter: this cal-trans animation shows what the finish product will lack like. cable draped up and over the top of the tower wrapping around the road bed at both ends. that curved section of metal below the cat walk shows the route the cable will take and the cat walk now sit about four feet below where the cable will han
9:37 pm
hang. >> there is an apparatus that they are going to use to feed the cable through the if print it needs to go in. so it is a huge thing. >>reporter: workers will be tether to the cat walk as they work. they are no stranger to working at altitude. hard to tell from old film but it looks lake worker on construction of the old bay bridge did their job untethered. cable on the new bridge will be one unslighted mile of 137 bundle of cable. each bundle hats 127 small cables. in a warehouse near the bridge 137 bundle of cable each one mile long sits waiting underneath blue tarp. 2 more cat walk on the eastern side still need to be installed and work on putting the cable in place should begin next yea year. heather, abc 7 news. san francisco officials have reopened the popular carrousel plaza in golden gate park after more than 1 million dollars in renovations. workers replace the large
9:38 pm
asphalt plaza next to the carrousel on the playground. they added a trash and recycling area and also put in landscaping and some art. next project will be adding a family friendly recreation area for birthday parties and other events. >> well as we continue here tonight. the disturbing discovery in what had been shark infested waters. >> we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >> next only from 7 news. disappearance of the ocean top predator and why this has scientist so concerned. we take you to the philippines scientist so concerned. we take you to the philippines next @
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>> bp says it should know longer have to make payments to victims of last year big oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bp filed a brief today claiming compensation should stop because the gulf coast economy has improved so much. oil company points to renewed tourism. slimping and fishing. bp created a 20 billion dollar fund to compensate people for damages triggered by drilling rig explosion in april of 2010. as you may remember it took three months to cap that well and stop the flow of crude and what is considered the worst spill in u.s. history. researchers at the
9:42 pm
california academy of science in golden gate park are home now after a historic expedition to the philippines. we were the only television station with the bay area scientist as they discovered more than 300 species believed to be new to science. but tonight just as important we focus on what they did not find. it's a cautionary tale you will see only from abc 7. >> the philippines is made up of more than 7000 islands. spectacular wonderland. captured in this under water video by an academy photographer. scientist spent more than a month off the island of loose searching for all kind of life. divers focus on an area known to have the world richest coral reef now with a big exception. >> only saw 2 sharks. during 1,000 dives. >>reporter: john is one of the world top shark experts. he says 30 years ago things were very different here. >> every time i would be in the water i would be surrounded by
9:43 pm
shark. there were sharks everywhere. i was kind of nervous at first but i got over it when i realize they weren't dangerous shark. >>reporter: he says the disappearance of shark is what is really dangerous. he blames over fishing. >> removal of top predator like the shark that are so critical to rich ecology causes downward collapse and cascade of spiral where you have ecosystem collapse. >>reporter: one way researchers figure out which fish are left in the ocean is to see what is for sale in fish markets. this one is in manil manila. do they sell shark in the market. do you sell shark? no shark? if we didn't see any shark in the fish market. not because they don't want to sell them. but the sharks are all gone. >>reporter: academy team also spent a week on research boat in the deep sea off the philippines. >> we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >>reporter: but far from the surface they did find more than a dozen small sharks 1500 to
9:44 pm
3000 feet deep. >> shark living as deep as it does isn't being caught and killed yet. >>reporter: the believed to be new species of swell shark with the ability to change body shape sometimes sleek and stream lined. sometimes rolly polly like this one. >> that is nothing. when they are in the habitat and frightened by a larger predator they will swallow enough water to lack like a bowling ball with fin on it. >>reporter: these new found shark were treated like celebrity by the scientist. exited by discovery but worried about the worldwide did he klaip. >> decade ago shark started to disappear and disappear by as many as 73 million a year. primarily to have the fin cut off to be sold to the asian community for shark fin soup. >>reporter: several of the new shark being brought back to san francisco for research. but most were returned gently to the water to spawn new generation. researchers hope other sharks will get the same
9:45 pm
chance. >> life in the ocean depends on it. california assembly has passed a ban on the sale of shark fin. senate is expected to consider the bill next month. come up next. what happens when the cell phone rings at the wrong time pl like say during your own tennis match. the wrong time pl like say during your own tennis match. back in a moment. 
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>> weekend here. let's talk about the forecast spencer. >> couldn't arrive soon enough. time lapse view this afternoon from our high definition mountain tam camera. a little bit of finger fog in the gold heen gate. sunny day inland. fog at the coast and tonight beginning to push across the bay a little bit. high pressure today in the mid 90's again in the inland east bay and parts of the south bay as well. morgan hill high of 94 and mid 90's east bay again. 90 at clover dale then 70's to 80's other location around the bay. 67 in san francisco but things will be cooling down tomorrow not so much state wide but here in the bay area we see high only up to 90 at clear lake then 80's in all the other inland location that had previously seen 90's this week. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling continues right on through the weekend into midweek next week and bottom out on wednesday thursday within land high only in the 70's. upper 60's around
9:49 pm
the bay and 58 to 60 on the coast. that's pretty cool midsummer weather. >> all right. but comfortable. >> very comfortable. >> thanks very much. >> don't you hate it when tll pt wrong moment like maybe when on television. that has happened. happened during match point yesterday at the swedish open and you will not believe who was to blame. ryan owens reports on how common this breach of etiquette really is. you. >> match point for the no. 1 women player in the world. him if her opponent runs for the net for a most unusual fault. if but the match must go on. sort of like the show. just ask veteran hue jackman. if he
9:50 pm
kept his cool as you see in yes the cell phone video obtained by tmz. which is more than we can say for the teacher whose students just had to take that call. if. >> give me the phone. >> or the former white house press secretary. if you too? commentator tina brown wanted to throw her on live televisio television. the truth is cell phone have almost become part of the constant chatter of cable news. >> it's a cell phone violence. >>reporter: at least dan turned his off. barney keeps on talking. >> step in long before. >>reporter: it appears neither
9:51 pm
he nor his cell phone has a mute button. abc news dallas. >> that's funny. it changed few years ago it was the kid that had them all the time now everybody ourselves included. if make that call. >> okay. >> collin is here. part with his cell phone. >> i left miniupstairs. this time. tv sox baseball rangers player josh hamilton explains why he threw the baseball that caused the tragic fall and wait until you hear thi
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. more details from the federal judge's report outlin outlining major lapses by parole officers who monitored convicted sex offender philip garrido. and the royal couple lands in the united states. william and kate in los angeles. more on the warm welcome they got from the people of tinseltown and what they plan to do while here. those stories and more for you coming up if one hour on 7 news at 11:00. move over to collin with all the sports tonight and of course just terrible traged tragedy. >> we are kind of figuring out exactly what happened in last night game. it has been a surreal 24 hours for josh hamilton. trying to come to grips with the balls to that turned deadly. ranger fan dropped 20 feet to his death last nature catching a ball thrown to him by hamilton. today josh explained why he threw the ball stone's way. >> first foul ball came down
9:55 pm
and i grabbed it i threw it to the ball girl and behind me i heard somebody say hamilton how about the next one i turn around and stone first guy i saw standing there with his son so i gave him a nod and you know i got the next one and lou in that direction. >> something else. earlier tonight the a's donated 5000 dollars to the ranger in memorial fund set up for stone. pitchers in the a bullpen were the closest to the tragic accident like ranger players they are taking the news of stop death equally as hard. >> very surreal to think that that happened at our baseball game last nature. we play this game for if you please and there's just, so many enjoyable things about it and one of the things that we always love seeing is little kids at the ballpark and you just hate that this was this kid's experience last night. pishltion tonight game moment of silence prior
9:56 pm
player sporting black ribbon in honor oh, of shannon stone. josh in the ranger line up and night begins with 1st inning single off gonzalez. he was third base when mike nap blast grand slam off the a all star south paw. 5 nothing texas after one inning. top 2. a on the board. scott. hits a shot to left. nobody aboard. solo homer makes it fourth of the year. bottom half power surge continues for texas. if deep. finds the stands on the left. 13 for him. 3 batters later. adrian belted 17th. he didn't have all star stuff tonight. last the 4 innings in the 8-5 loss. mets in town to finish off the giants first half of the season. san francisco 2 up in the west on arizona coming in. mlb network airing l the game and al and bob on the cal call. top 5 giants up 1 nothing. hang the pitch high
9:57 pm
in the zone. 2 run shot to take the lead. 6th inning. >> drives one to deputy right. it is fair. this is a tie game. and it is. splash. >> in the cove. fan is right t.splash 2-2 game. wilson in. scott taking him out. saw the score. tl it's 3-2 mets right now giants they are going to need a bottom the 9th inning rally to get this one. now to the weakest fight in major league history. ortiz raw teen pop up in the 8. greg takes exception. run it out man. 19 month old makes better contact. i don't see a single punch landed here. both players get ejected for inept ty tud i hop hope. sox win the game 10-3. >> no future in hockey. >> the that's right. sampson
9:58 pm
20 years ago always wonder what could have been for ming. 7 foot 6 center retiring from the nba after just 8 seasons. icon in the homeland of china ming tack the nba by storm drafted first over all by the rock nets 2002. but cn ick leg foot injuries derailed a possible hall of fame career. consider ohio state 2010 football season retired. memorabilia for if the job now cost the football program all of its wins from last year including the buckeye sugar ball win over arkansas. program also under a self imposed 2 year probation. all because thunderstorms postpone majority of play yesterday the u.s. women open became a test of endurance today. colonel republican and democrat 0springs. i didt know. that raining champ forced to play 2 rounds. drain the putt on 5. 1 under. tied for fifth. leader is stacy law is. 4 un. unable to finish second round because more thunderstorms hit.
9:59 pm
interesting day tomorrow for sure. second round john deere classic. steve marino 7 under yesterday. how about 5 under par today. at the will putt roll in minus 12. not good enough for the lead. if on fire. 9 under 62. 14 under. 2 shot ahead of marino. and best aerial of any sport tour de france. not even close. people just get into it. more wreckage than racing it seems this year. massive pile up brought it to the a standstill. american levi lost 3 minutes out of contention. mark the stage winner and flt yellow jersey and hope the giants can rally. >> that's tough. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7. time. hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7. goodbye for now

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